:: motion design // editing // compositing // grading :.

I am a generalist when it comes to moving images. There is no singular field at which I excel, which should probably mean that I excel at being a generalist. I guess. But fear not: my skill sets are very much fluid (just like cats), and - more importantly - constantly improving, always depending on the actual needs of the task at hand, or of the next project in my mind.
This is why I feel comfortably home in a multitude of apps, most notably AE, Pr, Ps, ACR, DVR, with an additional solid understanding of - and varying mileage in - Ai, ID, Mocha, C4D, and other tools.
In the last couple of years, I have done logo animation, DOOHs campaigns, TVC editing & delivery, Cut-Ins, explainer videos, 2.5d vfx & retouching, and a shitload of everyday social media content for businesses like The Coca-Cola Company, Volksbank, Wiener Stadtwerke, and others.
But why talk if you can watch instead?
Just take a look at my showreel:

Just look at one picture at a time lol

:: photography // retouching // layout // print :.

Back in the days, when I was just a little boy, I asked my mother "What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?" Here's what she said to me: "I don't know, but you could just continue taking pictures and see where it gets you. Whatever will be will be."
Now, the back-in-the-days are long gone, and I have accumulated 20+ years of photographic experience, with an additional 10 years of post-processing, grading, retouching, remixing, compositing, layouting, all on an agency level. While working at an agency. Which means I got paid for doing so, just in case that wasn't clear. And boy oh boy, did I do it. Everything, that is. From business cards to product shots, from digital social assets to mural-sized printjobs.
Wanna see where I am coming from?
Like... literally and figuratively

Some LIK impressions

:: xd // animate // acrobat // avid :.
Yes, I do know the basics, and I have used (or rather had to use) those apps at some point, but I'd prefer not to.
I mean, come on. How messed up and/or complicated can a non-mobile app's UI even be?
All of them: "Yes!"
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