Client: STADA Arzneimittel // Brand: Elotrans® // Date: Q2.2023
Deliverables: 5x Social Reel, ca 45 sec each

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Pharma company STADA developed Elotrans®, which by accident happens to ease the pain after heavy partying. Due to advertising rules, though, this USP cannot be communicated to the target audience, which is the main reason why this particular campaign exists.
Five Reels for Social Media Advertising had to be produced, covering the topics "Party", "Workout", and "Performance". Each episode consists of a voice message that tells the story about exhausting activities, and how Elotrans® saved the day.
I was given the transcript and the voiceover for each episode, as well as a general moodboard for the whole campaign, that has been developed by the guys over at [kju:] Digital Solutions.
At first, I cleaned up the audio and tried to set up rough AE timelines, including all relevant markers, and intro/outro sections.
I would then listen to the story over and over again, in order to get accustomed with key words and relevant story elements, before heading over to free stock sites. There, the toughest part of the job took place, because for obvious reasons, it is surprisingly hard to find "well composed but still ugly and trashy" stock material.
Whenever I found the first few assets for one of the Reels, I would head straight back to AE in order to get a first scene done. From there on, it always went rather organically: using that scene as a starting point, I tried to come up with new ideas on the fly while moving forward through the timeline. Since availability of fitting stock material was the limiting factor, pre-planning my animations was not an option.
Finishing the job:
After the animations were done, I started the sound design, deliberately using a dedicated mood and genre for each of the episodes. The Parties sounded like Techno, Rock, and Drum&Bass respectively, while the two "day episodes" got more laidback and brighter sounds in the background. Additionally, subtle sound effects were used to enhance single scenes or words.
The whole Project took about one and a half weeks. The first draft of the first episode was done over the course of two days, and then immediately presented to the client for feedback & approval.
After that first episode was done, the remaining four had to be finished one week later, in order to meet the very tight deadline, given by the media agency. This meant that I had to create one full episode per day from scratch, leading to 10+ hour shifts, most of which were spent "in the zone".
Was it worth the effort? Totally.
I am very happy with the results. And so is the client, as well as everyone involved in the creation.
Wanna judge for yourself?
Below, you can find a breakdown of the process, along with all five episodes.
Showcase Video:
The above video is also available on Youtube.
0:00 Example Episode #3 (of 5)
0:50 Breakdown
1:25 Episode #1 (of 5)
2:00 Episode #2 (of 5)
2:35 Episode #4 (of 5)
3:07 Episode #5 (of 5)

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